Daily Cruise with a Tasty Spin


& the Traditional Yacht

Daily Cruise with a Tasty Spin


Captain + Cook

Boat trip with a professional cook onboard

"Captain Cook creates an experience for you to remember. The ingredients of his recipe are simple yet tasteful, beautiful beaches to swim and gorgeous coves to explore with our snorkeling gear, a big traditional wooden yacht to relax comfortably and enjoy the sun at the bow sundeck or the shade at the stern cockpit and all of these are accompanied with a delicious freshly homemade lunch ,consisting of a variety of Greek flavors, and chilled drinks prepared for you onboard by the Captain who is also a professional cook in the wintertime."




Group / Shared

Wedding / Bachelor / PhotoShoot

In the private cruise the capacity of the boat is 23 guests.

We can plan your trip together and we can discuss about the main dishes and find out which flavours you prefer.


*if possible the starting point can be a marina near your accommodation and if the trip exceeds the mileage of the regular trip there will be a slight addition in the cost (ex. Skopelos East side trip)

In the Group cruise we tend to  accomodate up to 16 guests.

You can organise your private party with us and spend the special day onboard together with your friends & family!

Swim stops

* Regular Trip •

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop : Tsougrias Island
2nd Swim stop : Megalo Pefko beach (Skopelos Island)
3rd Lunch/Swim Stop: Panormos Cove (Skopelos Island)
4th Swim stop: Kastani beach (Skopelos Island)
5th Swim stop: Arkos Island

* “Excellent weather on the North of Skiathos” Trip •


Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop: Lalaria beach (Skiathos Island)
2nd Swim stop: Megalo Pefko beach (Skopelos Island)
3rd Swim stop: Kastani beach (Skopelos Island)
4th Swim stop: Arkos Island (or Tsougrias island)

* Alternative Trip •

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

If the weather conditions are not good enough for Skopelos island we can enjoy a cruise at beautiful wind-protected beaches of Skiathos and the two small islands of Tsougrias and Arkos.


!!!The trips above are not options for you to select but they are the trips that can be operated depending on the weather of the day!!! 

Why us?


• Biggest and most comfortable boat of the day sailing/cruising charter boats of the harbour.

 • Safe and easy to move around the wide alley walks without obstacles, just flat deck with handlebars around. 


 • No need to climb in and out of the narrow cockpit area, no wires in the middle, no swinging booms like on most of the sailing boats.


 • Big spaces to relax

 • Large Sunbathing area with soft cushions 


 • X-Large Canopy over the dining/resting area in the back of the yacht


 • Easy to climb swimming ladder to get on and off the boat

"SOFT MACHINE II" is a traditional Greek wooden yacht built in Perama,Athens

in the year 1980 and it was totally rebuilt in 2012. Its length is 49 feet and width is 12 feet. It was firstly used as a tourist transportation boat

for the Athenian Riviera and Islands, with a capacity of 49 guests.

1 W.C. onboard which is connected with the sewage tank system and is always clean.

Bow beach view
Soft Machine II
Bow deck 1
Bow deck center
Bow deck 3
Stern deck center
Stern deck side
Sundeck at Bow Cockpit
Easy to walk around
Snorkeling Gear
Family moments
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Meet The Team


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 • The Captain is the owner of the boat , 33 years old , he is cruising in both motor/sailing boats since his early childhood and he is a licensed skipper 15 years now.


Sailor Deti is the co-captain, she is a licensed skipper

and she has been cruising for more than 8 years.




Swimming - Snorkeling - Boat Diving - Fishing

Fishing can be perfomed on a Private Charter or on a Shared Cruise as long as it doesn't affects the time schedule


“Safety comes first and a relaxing trip is our goal so the route may change depending on the weather conditions of the day.”

What to BRING/


Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, maybe a light pair of trousers for the ladies and hoodies for the afternoon hours.

Snorkeling gear for young children may not be available on board (ask in advance).

Health issues / 


You should inform us about (food/insects) allergies, special medication and any health condition that we should be aware of ! 

*Please bring along your medication in case of an allergy reaction.


Dolphins are sighted often in our area but we cannot reserve their appearence on request, so fingers crossed we will enjoy their play around the boat.

Lalaria beach is located on the north side of Skiathos island where it is usually windy and has a big swell, so it is hard sometimes to visit that place.



New Port of Skiathos

(Opposite bus terminal Park)



Tel: 0030 6944392094


Cpt. Konstantinos

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