“Safety comes first and a relaxing trip is our goal so the route may change depending on the weather conditions of the day.”

What to BRING/


Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, maybe a light pair of trousers for the ladies and hoodies for the afternoon hours.

Snorkeling gear for young children may not be available on board (ask in advance).

Health issues / 


You should inform us about (food/insects) allergies, special medication and any health condition that we should be aware of ! 

*Please bring along your medication in case of an allergy reaction.


Dolphins are sighted often in our area but we cannot reserve their appearence on request, so fingers crossed we will enjoy their play around the boat.

Lalaria beach is located on the north side of Skiathos island where it is usually windy and has a big swell, so it is hard sometimes to visit that place.